About us

We promote the transfer of scientific ideas from the laboratory to the industry where they can be developed into valuable products and technologies.

The mission of Biotech Innovations is to encourage effective technology transfer for the public benefit. We evaluate, manage and license the intellectual property assets of IIMCB.

We also arrange industry sponsored research projects and engage in development of projects outside of IIMCB. We support researchers in formulating value proposition for their discoveries and we provide consultancy services to technology-oriented investors.

Opportunity portfolio

Uncompromising method to eliminate Staphylococcus

Ready for investment and licensing

Bacteria are everywhere. Most of them are our allies, while others are enormously dangerous, possesing the ability to gain resistance to antibiotics. We need new ways to combat such bacteria. Let us introduce Aurezyna – it changes the game. More at www.auresine.com

Diagnostic of Alzheimer’s Disease

Ready for licensing

Is it a simple overwork-induced memory loss or a first symptom of Alzheimer’s? A robust diagnostic test for the detection of the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease constitutes a major unmet need of modern societies. To address this challenge we have developed a panel of biomarkers which can detect the onset of the disease. More at AD biomarkers.

Revolution in RNA engineering

Ready for investment

We join the RNA revolution in research and pharmaceutical applications by creating new molecular tools for RNA modifications. Our first product fulfills the missing gap in RNA research allowing for sequence specific cutting of the RNA. More at www.futurenzymes.com




Biotech Innovations guided me and helped me to build vision and strategy as well as to make important decisions about my R&D project. I was impressed by the effectiveness of the design, organization and management methods as well as of the achieved outcomes of our cooperation.
I can not wait for the next phase of our project development when together, we will again face the challenges brought about by technology scale up.

Eliasz Kańtoch, PhD

AGH WEARABLES, Project Director Assistant Professor @ AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków



Professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity … that’s what you can expect to get when Biotech Innovations, led by Iwona Cymerman, helps you in your technology transfer. Be ready for hard work and unceasing brainstorming, but prepare to receive a lot in return.
Since Biotech Innovations began supporting us in the commercialization of our invention we have seen a huge difference between “before” and “after”. We highly recommend Biotech Innovations to other researchers lost on their way to business.


Izabela Sabała, PhD

Elżbieta Jagielska, PhD

International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology



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